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How To Choose The Best Bike Carrier

Remember, you gotta arrive before you can ride! As you look for a bike carrier, keep these things in mind.

Durability – Look for a bike carrier made of STEEL with a thick powder coat for
protection against the weather. Steel is real, and cold rolled TUBULAR steel is simply the best.

Design – Look for a bike carrier that has TOP and BOTTOM cradle plates which will ensure that your bikes remain on the carrier. Straps, bungee cords, and rope ties could fail to stabilize your bikes.

Simplicity – Form equals function, the simpler the better. The less you have to put together, the happier you are and the stronger the bike carrier is.

Security – Look for a bike carrier that allows you to lock your bikes onto the carrier, use a pad lock hole for locking the top and bottom plates together or optional locking knobs.

Innovation – Look for a bike carrier that is built by a company that has as their main focus the manufacturing of bike carriers. Focused companies tend to produce innovations that result in better performing products.

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